BESTFRESHDEALS LTD was founded on the 6th December 2018 and incorporated on January the 11 th 2019. 

Company Registration: 1176414

 Our main goal is to find the alternative way for our customers, by providing decent and affordables prices.

In order to do this in the retail world,BESTFRESHDEALS LTD has to come with a different approach to the market by providing substainability and useful products to society.

 We work very hard day and night with suppliers to bring you the latest deals worldwide.

We work with thousands of suppliers worldwide whom during this pandemic has contributed to establishing a long term commercial goal, effectively allowing remote working with our partners in order to facilitate our logistics shipments worldwide.

Our aim is to establish a permanent presence in all continents favorable to trade with us.

We continue to provide great services to our customers throughout the UK and the world.

We pride ourselves in providing good and affordables prices to our customers.

Since our launch we enjoyed top traffic, one of the most visited website on shopify by still maintaining the top 1% of Traffic.

We have processed thousand of orders from footwear, to technology and substainable products for our environment.

We want to be part of that society that will contribute in reducing pollution to our planet by adapting a new distribution model for our customers with great innovation in the years to come.

We aim to improve our services constantly to meet our customer needs,by providing clear communication and support.

Rest assured our mission is to provide you with the best deals available, that is our chore mission.

This is why our slogan is "The Cheaper way"

For all queries please contact us at : alternatively you can contact us on 07498808811.


Enjoy your shopping